“I've really been enjoying this workshop. A no-frills, raw and uncut, exposé into the actual work it takes to land a book publishing deal. A real one. It's wild how many people either ignore parts or try to diminish them... You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em party!”

If you are serious about publishing non-fiction, the Keller Media Course will take you through the book proposal writing process step-by-step... Had I not listened to Wendy's advice, I’d be collecting rejection letters rather than planning on a book release.

The course content provided by Wendy Keller was extremely informative and valuable for my future publishing plans. The feedback from actual editors gave true insight into where my content rated currently in the world of publishing. I truly feel that I now know where I need to build and grow in order to write a successful book proposal.

This course gave me practical guidelines and an effective structure that allowed to write a better proposal that I had before the start of the course. I’m excited about the book and it feels like a solid foundation. It was also fun and on top, Wendy shared industry insights that I wouldn’t have learnt elsewhere.

“I want to thank you for the class I took from you back in late September. Like many you see, I thought that writing a best selling book would be an easy task. Your advice to begin getting a better following to increase my "cred" has been invaluable. I have now been published in Forbes, Inc., and was the featured guest on Quora where I did a one hour session on career navigation that caught the eye of Apple News, and a local PR agency. You may wonder if your webinars help, and I'm here to say that it was money well spent.”

“Not only has this workshop taught me the proper way to write a book proposal, it has helped me to dig deep. With the feedback from the editors on each section of the proposal I have written, and all the great information and instructions Wendy provides, I've been forced to really think about what I want the heart of this book to be. By extension, it has helped me solidify my messaging in the context of my public speaking. This is such a great service for new authors trying to get published the right way. Highly recommend!”

"One of the best workshops I have attended in my lifetime. Wendy Keller is a master of her craft and sparkles with clarity of thought, an infectious enthusiasm, and honesty that enabled me to get a lot more out of the workshop than I had signed up for. Not only will you learn the nuances of effective nonfiction book proposal writing, but will also get terrific book structuring, positioning, marketing, and publishing advice. Highly recommend this workshop if you are serious about making it big in the world of nonfiction book writing."

“Thank you, the training and editors comments have been so invaluable. Plus having the assignments due each week make me do them.”

“This has been the best information I have found since I started this journey. So far, I have spent about 8K of my own money trying to get my book concept off the ground --- meeting a lot of people that tell me they "know how ...." but Wendy is the first, honest, forthright, 'consultant' that has the knowledge and capability to really provide direction and feedback on what I want to accomplish. Can't say enough good things!”

I have written enough over many years to know quality editing when I see it. Yours is exceptional. Thanks.